Reimagine healthcare communication.

Our goal is not to connect you with technology. It’s to connect you with people. What if you could count on quick communication with your team members? A more efficient link to important information. A strong connection with every patient. With a Voalte alternative in place, it’s easy to imagine the possibilities.

When every
minute counts.

We guarantee your patient can count on you. From the moment a patient enters the hospital, the clock starts ticking. The faster they get to a bed, the sooner their care can begin. Voalte links nurses, doctors, lab technicians, transport teams – all efficiently and with little effort. So your patient moves quickly from the front door to feeling better.

When safety matters.

We make your quick response a matter of fact. You’ve come to expect the unexpected. At any moment, an alarm can sound, and your patient’s life may be at risk. Or they may just want a drink of water. Voalte alarms distinguish urgent from less critical so you can respond appropriately. And your patient can feel safe, knowing they’re in good hands.

When communication is crucial.

We keep important information flowing. When your patient’s needs are always changing, it’s tough to keep all the moving parts in line. With Voalte, you can get the right information to the right people at the right time, even during shift change. Because when caregivers have more time to care, patients feel the difference.

When quiet speaks volumes.

We bring the noise down to a healing level. Phones ringing. Intercoms blaring. Alarms beeping. Can a busy unit also be a quiet unit? With Voalte, text and vibrating alarms quietly replace phone calls and overhead paging so you can exchange information without speaking a word. You get your work done, while your patient stays sound asleep.

When patients go home happy.

We help your satisfaction scores soar. So many instructions. So much paperwork. And all your patient wants is to get back to their family as soon as possible. When discharge moves quickly, your patient goes home happy. Happier patients mean higher HCAHPS scores. With a painless process, your patient is on the mend, and on your side.

When patient care comes together.

We call it the Voalte Effect. Imagine communicating effortlessly and working efficiently. Tying in seamlessly to your hospital’s many mobile systems. Enjoying your shift and having time to devote attention to each person you’re caring for. Voalte doesn't replace patient care. We make patient care that much better.